Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Muslims Suppressing the Defence of the Christian Faith in the West

Presenter sacked for 'supporting the Bible's teachings' on radio

A radio presenter is taking legal action after he alleged he was sacked for offending Muslims by defending Christianity on air.


Something tells me that Muslim find perfectly legitimate and natural to attack and degrade other religions (I have no problem with that). However, Muslim find it offensive and suppressive if these religions or non-Muslim faction counter-attack (That I find problematic). In the link above we find that Muslims even find it oppresive to their religion and community if these religions they attack and criticise attempt to defend their position.

What do these Muslims expect? That we simply sit there and nodd like most politicians, while they can continue their campaign of demonizing the Christian faith and everything they find non-islamic? That may work in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia where non-islamic religions are suppressed (to the shame of the Islamic religion and its alleged favour of equality and human rights). Yet such ought to not find its place in the West, and as Christians we should work far more united and effectively to expose the evil and suppressing system that dominates our Christian brothers and sisters in Muslim countries.

Elijah Hagbard

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