Thursday, 9 April 2009

Atheists and their supression of the opposing factions

Atheists and Evolutionists despartely fear Intelligent design.

Watch the video below:

Barbara Forrest shares her desparation of how Intelligent design is challenging the atheist foundation for a atheist type universe (mind though I do not know her view upon religion).

Notice firstly that these people are so desparate that they want the law to end the influence of Creationists.

Notice secondly that she finds it almost a crime that Christian kids challenge their school teachers about the lying propaganda of evolution. Well I thought our society was based upon, debate, reason, research rather than a supressing academia that enforces its conclusions upon us; seems that we are back in the ancient dark ages, only now the atheists play the suppressive role.

Notice, thirdly that the evolution theory is simply science while creation is not, talk about presuppositions.

Notice, fourthly, that science is based upon presuppositions, and these presuppositions do simply not allow God any space in the possible conclusions.

She claims that Christians base their science upon authority! Really, is she then concluding that the secular world is not depending upon authority? More or less all my studies have been supressed by secular academia, believe, Christians do not have monopoly upon authority.

Funny, in every field of philosophy and science with the natural academia conclusions are based upon authority, namely what you are permitted to conclude as plausible and what to reject. In my studies I am not allowed to conclude that Jesus resurrected since that simply breaks the natural law. I am not allowed to claim that the Gospels were written prior to 60 AD since that supports the possibility that Jesus predicted the fall of Jerusalem which then is supernatural, and because such an early date increses the possibility that the Gospels are historical. Similarly we are not allowed to conclude that the apostles wrote the Gospels since such again supports its historical reliabilty. The fact is that the secular academia is greatly supressive and distortive and these same minds intend to enforce upon us the evolution theory of which not shred of actual evidence has be brought before us.

Funny then, that she just throws this claim of authority upon those of us who accept the fact that the universe needed a creator and that the process of the universe is far to complex to be random, while atheist presume the opposite, I hence need a lot of explanation to do. This is the very reason why atheists and their claim to science and intelligence is so absurd and naive.

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