Sunday, 15 February 2009

Warning to Christians about the Website of Osama Abdallah

This is a warning about the website of mr Osama Abdallah

I post here what I wrote to him on the blog

Osama continually invites Christians to visit his website, which for long time has been categorized as virus loaded.

Within the last week Osama declared that virus protection systems have declared his website virus free, yet within the last 24 my personal virus protection system had to deal with a trojan horse that was about to be loaded on to my computer on entering his website.

If you are interested in Osama contribution to islam, he has written over thousand minor articles of utter speculation, silly ideas, which he categorizes as facts and perverse eisigesis into the Biblical texts. Within the last week on he has continually piled us with insult and personal attacks.

I have honestly and without the intention to personally attack Osama, told him that I am concerned about his mental stability. Anyone reading his articles on his own website (be careful that you are protected though) and his debating on and his debate with Davied Wood, which can be watched on the blog will quickly be aware of that.

As Christians we should not hate Abdallah, we need to love him and pray for him, but that does not mean that we should decline from exposing reality.

Hopefully Osama will first sort out his website so anyone can access it safely.

This is my official rebuke of mr Osama Abdallah below:

Osama Abdallah wrote:

Thank you for confirming this. The reader can visit:

I (Elijah) replies:

Within the last 24 hours I wisited your website mr OsamaAnd my virus protection system, which is highly suffisticated both detected and removed a trojan horse from your website.

To everyone's attention, my virus system did not merely warn me about the website, it literally acted to protect my computer.

It is one thing when the system warns you not to enter the site, it is another thing when the virus system acts when you enter and informs you that it just had to sort a trojan horse.Which means that within the last 24 hours your the website answering-christianity is still virus loaded.

Have you no shame Osama Abdallah?

Are you lying to us when you say that your website is not virus loaded?

How dare insult me and others, by calling us liars while you continually request us to visit your website which is potentially harmful for our computer or shall we say our identity, or both?

May encourage my brothers here to spread the news around, whether on forums, pal-talk and other websites.

My greatest worry is the typical trend of islamic internet terrorists who possess the tools to track down individuals (Christians and apostates from islam), even in muslim countries.

I write this so that you may protect yourselves. Osama has willingly inviting you to a site that may harm your computer or possibly open up the possibility for muslim radicals to enter the data of your personal information.

As we have seen already, the man is ful of hatred, his favorit verse in the Bible is a passage in which he presumes that a sister has sex with her brother.

I am just exposing the mindset, which he has revealed himself.

Let me warn you (and spread the news): Do not let such a person and his team get access to your personal information, especially if you are visting from a location that is islamic soil.Brothers and sister BE CAREFUL.

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