Monday, 6 April 2009

Questions for Osama Abdallah: Related to the Qur'an and Cosmology

I am informed that Osama Abdallah has stated that his priory reason for being and remaining a muslim are the supposed Qur'anic predictions of modern science.

The Qur'an states that:

1. That Allah separated the heavens and earth who once were combined together or fused. This is supposedly a prediction to the Big Bang theory.

2. That the heavens were once smoke. This is supposedly a prediction of the early state of the universe in its gasseous level.

3. That Allah initially made the smoke into seven heavens. I am not sure exactly what this is supposed to predict.

My questions for Osama Abdallah:

1. Would you state that these are miracolous predictions to modern science?

2. Would you say that these predictions provide good reason for an individual to remain a muslim?

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