Thursday, 16 April 2009

UK Apologetics Seminar: Can We Trust the Bible?

This is the outline for the first of a series of apologetics sessions, which I will be taking over a period of a month in the UK, starting on the 22 april.

On Wednesday 22 April the Topic is:

Can We Trust the Bible?

Which will focus primarily on 1) the New Testament, 2) refuting its critics and their methods, 3) the early preservation of the Gospels and the methods utilized by the early Christians to preserve it.

This is the basic outline below:

Can We Trust the Bible?

  • What critics say and why they say it
  • The reality about the Jewish-Greek society
  • The ability of Jews, Greeks and early Christians to read, to memorize and the desire to preserve information
  • Jesus the rabbi, his students, his methods and commands to the apostles
  • The time span (30 years gap between Jesus and the Gospels)
  • The succession and the successors and the community
  • The traditions (an introduction to oral transmission)
  • The writings (The written transmission: the Gospels)
  • Why do we have four Gospels?
  • Who wrote the Gospels and when?
  • Why are the four Gospels different?
  • Textual Criticism and the manuscripts
  • What about other types of Christianity and their gospels?


Nazam said...

Will your lectures be taking place in London, coz I would like to attend?

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Hi bro

Unfortunately, no.

I hoping though, in near future, to take this material around in British churches. Stay in touch and I will post the date and place here.

The material I am presenting is based upon my own studies.

So you live in London, Nazam, do you think it is possible that we have ever met?

Nazam said...

Yes, we first met at the shabir ally and anis shorrosh debates in Glasgow back in '05. The last time we saw each other was at the David Wood and Yahya debate in London.

We should try to some time link up again sometime soon. Why don't you come to speakers corner?

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Ah, I think I know who you are.

Actually I remember you from even before the debate between Shabir Ally and Shorosh.

I would love to come more often to Speakers Corner, my brother in Christ, Jay Smith is a great guy to work with, even though debating of that kind, with all the interference around is not really me; I like it more organised, more listening and reasoning and more concentration, quite opposite the nature of the Speakers Corner.

I guess however being busy with my studies is the only hindrance for me coming.

The seminars I will be doing might be recorded. In that case they will be on the youtube or somewhere else in future. Mind though my first debate is not even on the Youtube yet.

The seminar is a short one hour introduction to a very wide field of study. I am struggling at the moment to summarize so much material into a one hour's lecture.

Sakhr said...
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Timko said...
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Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...
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