Thursday, 17 June 2010

Richard Dawkins turns to the Aliens

I recommed greatly the documentary movie of Ben Stein: 'Expelled, no Intellegence allowed'

In a interview with Ben Stein, Richard Dawkins finally admits that the earliest stages of life's development is indeed slightly complicated if we adduce from the bulk of modern wildly imagined postulates that life evolved from utter chaos by nature's random process.

Now our shaken atheist buddy suggests that life on earth might originally be created by some almost incomprehensible alien being which consequently planted this life on earth. Obviously Dawkins presumes that these alien beings were also the products of random evolution.

I am amazed, our atheist friends now believe in aliens and that life on earth was produced by aliens!

After such ridicolous statements should I still expect that atheists believers and exponents will continue to solely follow their highpriest?

At least Dawkins is ready to embrace the fact that a non-earthly being or force intelligently controlled the complexity of human life, unfortunately he hardens his mind and hearth to simply reject the possibility that such a being might be God. Secondly what gives Dawkins the authority to state that such alien beings were evolved through evolution? Seems that Dawkins has an effective explanation to the realm of the universe unknown to us and the mysterious unknown to us.


Sarah said...

LOL i find Mr Dawkins to be an interesting creature. If he bases his disbelief in God on his idea of probibility, how would he explain this?

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

What I find puzzling is the inconsistency of his probabilities.

For example in this particular matter, we are to believe that E.T. entered the earthly realm and planted life in the sea (I assume) some 400 million years ago.

I guess atheist science is showing its real nature here, being utter science fiction.

Obviously, if life is to complicated to emerge from random process enforcing the only other alternative to God, that of an incomprehensible and highly complex E.T. then how did this alien being evolve and by whom?

Is Dawkins suggesting that an even more advance alien planted this E.T. life form in its earliest stage on another planet or a distant or nearby star?

And if so how did this second alien life form emerge and from whom?

Seems as if Dawkins satisfies himself by simply pushing the problem one step ahead.

sheay said...

There is an absolute enormous difference between believing and theorizing. Everyone here has missed that. Suggesting that life came from an outside source other than the planet isn't any more absurd than suggesting an omnipotent being created life.

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