Friday, 6 August 2010

Is this atheist logic?

Was just informed by an atheist that the cells and DNA system simply confirms that God lacks imagination and furthermore that if God willed or created the cells to reproduce themselves by copies why only cells, why do typical animal or human beings not possess the ability to simply copy themselves rather than undergo the process of sexual intercourse, conception and birth?

What... are atheists now claiming that the DNA system reveals lack of imagination???

Sounds like Dawkins' assertions: that the molecule world is so simple that the evolutionary process easily explains its existance and functions. I agree with Stuart Burgess, that Dawkins' proposition here is naive to the core. The cell and DNA system constitutes a world of complexity far too incomprihensive for modern scientists to fathom.

Hence such an atheist claim amounts to accomplish nothing but to reveal desparation and silliness.

And how about the other argument, that God could have willed the animal world to copy themselves in similar ways to the cells. If that is supposed to be creative imagination the reality is quite the opposite; in fact such an idea reveals only the atheist expectation and view of the world in general, that of chaos, funny how continuous chaos is viewed as comparative with a creative mind of order.

Good grief, what a world, I can imagine making a copy of myself on a everyday basis, imagine 10.000 Hogan Elijah Hagbard's; I can imagine a quick human exodus to Mars. How could we cope, yet imagine a world that was a million times more populated than presently? Would life not have seized several millenniums ago?

Are we not rather to conclude that the world, production and function of the cells and that of the animal and human world are better separated and hence merely reveals the effective mindset of divine intellegence?


Dennis said...

Your right it is a stupid arguement, I guess the religious don't have the market cornered.

Regardless of this statement, there has yet to be any evidence presented by believers that there is god(s).

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

It's sickening argument indeed, yet I am not stating that all atheists hold to it; having said that most of the atheists present consented.

I would say that regardless of the argument and regardless of me not providing any evidence of God at this point, there is no evidence presented by atheists that there is no God or gods. Atheists will have to explain how the universe otherwise originated, including the mindblowing complexity in the entirety of nature and the mystery of the consciousness among other things.

Simply promoting the idea that there is no God and base your life upon a negative, which you do not believe in, rather than a positive you believe in leaves me completely unamazed.

However, I do not know whether this is the description of who you are or whether you were attempting to convince me.

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