Thursday, 20 January 2011

Another Christian-Muslim Debate Cancelled

I regret to say, that my debate with Ayaz on the 22 Januar in Birmingham has yet once more been cancelled.

I am not certain about the exact reason.

The Muslims were responsible for the venue, and the date was as I am aware of decided between our Muslims in Birmingham and my team in the UK.

By pure luck I contacted the Muslims about the progress of the arrangements and was chocked when informed that the venue, date and debate was still in progress, but against another Christian brother.

If I had not randomly contacted the Muslims, I would still have bought my flight ticked, used a significant amount of money for nothing.

A similar incident indeed occured related to David Wood and Nabeel this year, when the Islamic group MDI in UK managed to urge Islamic debaters in the US to cancel debates with Acts17 last year. A lot of money and time was wasted:

There is suspicion that Ayaz and his team in Birmingham are running. If that is the case, I don't mind, but I wish they would have informed me about this sudden move in reasonably good time.

In a dialogoue between me and Ayaz (earlier this year) over 'the talking ant' in the Qur'an, it became rather obvious that Ayaz did not appear significantly able to deal with indepth debating (the dialogue can be read here):

Perhaps the cause of the pull-out relates to such matters.

However, earlier this year a certain Muslim, by the name Anjum Ahmed, whose writing style resembled that of Yahya Snow, attempted several times to obtain information about Ayaz, such as emails, etc.

Everyone knows that Yahya Snow has been playing dirty since the very start, and appeard to launch a campaign to cancel debates between Muslims and the Acts17 team.

This is speculation from my side but I am inclined to think that Yahya Snow or possibly others indeed managed to influence the Birmingham Dawah team to back out at the very last minute, and even without warning. A move that resembles the sudden cancellation between Muslims and Acts17 earlier this year.

This is the eamil I received from this Muslim, which I believe is Yahya Snow (notice the fellow Brit thing, a sentence I have only heard from this particular propagandaist):

First email:

Peace be with you Hogan
Can I have Ayaz's email address, I can't find it anywhere!!!
I wanted to talk to him about a private issue. He doesn't know me. I have to ask him some questions.
Thank you my fellow Brit.

Second email:

Peace be with you Hogan
Can I have Ayaz's email address, I can't find it anywhere!!!
I wanted to talk to him about a private issue. He doesn't know me. I have to ask him some questions.
Thank you my fellow Brit.

Since I do not share email addresses online I obviously declined.

I can't say that I am fully aware of full reason for the sudden decision of the Birmingham Dawah team to pull out. They have complained about matters related to the question-answer part of the event, which as far as I was told was a matter clarified. But I find this new trend worrying, especially when so much money and so many people are involved. I should have been informed about this sudden change of decision well ahead of time and not through my own initiative.


Yahya Snow said...

Awfully disappointing to see you have accused me of something I have no knowledge of. Sad. Very Sad.

I have responded to this outrageous piece here:

I expect an apology.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

I will respond with another post soon. I notice that you are still scared of providing a link to my blog. What are you afraid of? That Muslims will actually read the actual source I find you distorting reality?

Notice, that I never accused you, saying 'Yahya Snow did'. I said: I (personally) am inclined to believe...I believe.

Do read the passage carefully. I even stated that this is speculation from my side. Hmm, when Muslims attack the Bible, Muslims are inclined to resort to atheist-agnostic speculative hypothesis, then why am I in error here.

There are two things that stuck me here. Firstly, your violent response, secondly your fear to link to my blog.

Yahya Snow said...

"Violent response"????

The response reflects disappointment rather than "violence". I'm very disappointed and shocked.

Wouldn't you be if somebody was intimating you were responsible forsomething you were UNAWARE of???

I have mentioned you were "speculating" - thus I have not missed the boat.

Being "afraid" to link to your blog? Not really!

I don't have the time to compose another blog post in response to your next post. Please respond via comments on my/your blog or via email.

Radical Moderate said...

Man whether this was the work of Yahya Snow or not, it really does demonstrate the dishonesty of Muslims. Not telling you that it had been canceled.

Radical Moderate said...

Hogan I sent you a email, check it out and email be back and tell me what you think.

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