Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Short Summer report

Brothers and sisters

To me personally it's been a great summer. It was a privilege to meet David Wood and Nabeel this summer and I was happy to be present for at least three of the Christian-Muslim debates in London in July. It was great to see debators from both factions not only debating each others but also be friends; I believe this is the way ahead. I was particuarly great to met Yahya Seymour and converse in a normal and friendly matter.

I have managed to take a number of church meetings while in Denmark. This time I decided that my overall topic should focus on God and the problem of evil; its been a blessing and the response from Christians has been overwhelming and positive. Funny, to me personally evil and suffering so far has not caused any doubt as to God's existence or more correctly God being.

I would appreciate your prayers for 22 and 30 August as I have taken it upon myself to do four lecturs focusing on a number of issues related to apologetics such as: 'God's existence', 'The problem of evil', 'Is the Bible the Word of God' and 'Science'. As far as I know a number of non-Christians might be present.

God willing I am back in the UK in September and will resume my studies and debate ministry. I have a number of projects ahead for this year in which I appreciate your prayers.

God bless you all

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Yahya Snow said...

Are you residing in London?

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