Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Islam on Decline

Is Islam on decline?

It has become a normalcy to portray Islam as a growing religion, yet my own observation reveals that Islam may also be heading toward serious era of decline. This is hardly mentioned in todays assessments of Islamic statistics.

Why do I say this? Well among Muslims secularism is seriously on the rise, many of the Muslims I speak to here in the UK complain that mosque attendance is declining, furthermore it is heartbreaking to see the hight percentage of Muslim youth ending up in drugs and crime. The only individual ever trying to sell me drugs was an Arabic Muslim. Muslim youth in my area behave as indicently as the secular youth, sleeping around, following the worldly path and selling drugs for sex with white girls.

We may also take into consideration conversion and apostacy in Islam. It is estimated that two- thirds or more of those embracing Islam leave Islam unsatisfied or unsuccessful. On the other hand, as Christians we see currently a flux into the Christian fold from the Muslim community.

Recent statistic reveals that currently there are 20 million ex-Muslims who have embraced the Christian faith and this is only the beginning. This is also the impression I get here in UK. Only four years ago you hardly met or heard of Muslim converts to Christianity in UK, now we meet them everywhere, and that's not all, even more surprisingly is the number of Muslims we meet who are interested in becoming followers of Jesus Christ.

This begs the question: were missionary experts correct in their prediction that the world is now heading toward a Christian revival among the muslims, both within the Western Muslim community and in the Muslim world? Is God at the moment preparing the way for such a global occurance?

Well, consider this, not only is it the number of converts to Christianity, which on the rise everywhere in the Muslim world, but there is also a common experience shared by hundreds of thousands of Muslims globally in which they receive dreams and visions of the Biblical Jesus Christ revealing to them that he is the Son of God and that their faith in Islam is false.

Missionaries have recently discovered this phenomena among entire groups of Muslim children who experience this mutually.

My conclusion, Islam may decline or expand its growth and influence, it may even be the fulfilment of the Beast predicted in the Book of Revelation whose influence and powers were triggered by a false prophet, however, God and his people will remain victorious and influential even as lambs among the wolves to the very end of age, and the Christian harvest among the one billion global Muslim community has just begun.

It also concludes that the actual real muslims among the over all Muslim community might soon be as tiny as the hard core evangelical population of UK compared to the over all population.

It is needless for me to say however, that nobody can be a real Muslim as should be obvious to anyone engaging in a indepth study of the Qur'an.

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