Sunday, 27 September 2009 is Virus loaded (Warning)

I come across more and more individual Christians and even Muslims who now warn against accessing the website of Osama Abdallah 'Answering-Christianity'.

Some of these raise the concern after suspecting that their computers caught something after having surfed around on the website.

I have to admit that the computer I used late last year did not receive a warning from MacFee in the month of July. However, having said that, others claim still to receive warnings from virus security systems when accessing.

In recent months a number of Christian websites dealing with the religion of Islam have been hacked into and destroyed. Even a number of missionaries have experienced attacks on their own computers.

It seems that the dialogue and debate with islam online has turned into a cyber war.

In fact a number of sources have revealed that a number of well-trained Islamic internet terrorist teams are operating continueally to supress the Christian witness and response online.

The suspicion that Osama Abdallah and his website are included into this sort of internet-Jihad is not to be taken lightly; the warning of internet virsus protection systems are sufficient reason to raise the warning. Furthermore, Osama contiunally invites Christians to enter his website to check out his articles.

I you intend to do so, remember that you have been warned. When you do so, you may expose yourself to Osama and those who co-operate with him. If you are a Christian missionary or debater, you may reveal your personal data, address, phone-number, possibly bank details, etc.

This has already lead to harasment and persecution of Christians in the West.

I want to emphasise again therefore: avoid completely the internet websites of Osama Abdallah and spread the warning.


Ehteshaam Gulam said...

Hogan, My brother in Humanity,

I feel you are dead wrong. Let me correct some inaccuracies here.

1) Osama's website does not have viruses on it, it just has bad material on it.

2) The problem I have with Osama Abdullah is the same problem I have with David Wood-- they both have bad attitudes about everything. Plus Osama is racist, several Muslims and Christians agree to it. Just like I believe David Wood is a hate monger who does very silly things (like disturb the Arab festival) in order to de-fame Islam. You can read about it here:

Even a Christian agrees with me-- David Wood behaved badly at the Arab Festival.

3) There is no "cyber" Jihad on the internet. If you go to several anti-Islamic websites, they are still running without a problem. If you go to my website, I don't even bother to refute Anti-Islamic websites, since my site is suppose to be a reboot of everything.

4) Where is your evidence that anti-Islamic sites have been hacked? I have also heard that Islamic sites againist Christainity have also been hacked-- so this tall tale goes both ways.

Forever Yours In Islam
Ehteshaam Gulam

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Hi again Ethesham
When you say that this is not occuring it is because you are on the side of those agressively engaging in such practice. Not that you are involved yourself, but obviously the cyber-Jihad is not going to effect you since you represent Islam. In contrast those of us engage in the debate and dialogue with Muslims we are the victims of cyber attacks.
I know that has been attacked, possibly more than ones. A Christian organization I am aquainted with and which engages with Muslim was targeted in the same way; they could actually trace the number of computers used to hack onto and destroy their website, which numbered approximately a hundred computers used in this operation. I personally have been attacked several times. Here are a few Christian websites who have been attacked in the past:
So why do I suspect Osama. Firstly, last year and early this year most people who accessed his websites were alerted by their own computer security system. Everytime accessed it, I was informed that my computer virus security system had located and removed a trojan horse. This is highly serious.
I then inquired about the matter sat down with two computer experts and scrutinized the the website and the access, we even considered Osama’s explanation and this attempt to refute the matter.
Both experts advised me and anyone else to stay far away from the Website.
The danger with a trojan horse is not necessarily that your computer is destroyed that but that the hacker gets access to your computer, which is why accessing the website is not necessarily dangerous for muslims (unless the owner simply uses his apologetics for criminal reasons; I can’t say that is the case but then again I cannot say it is not) but for Christians amongst whom the owner is specifically targeting computers of certain opponents. Notice that the individuals who say that their computer acts after accessing Osama’s website are multiple. This also adds to the suspicion and provides reason to warn against the website.
As I have stated, I have to admit that my own security system does no longer alert me of any danger, that is in the month of July. However, my security system has also failed me at least three times to alert me of dangerous sites; hence there are websites out there that are sufficently effective to cheat MacAfee and a number of other virus protection systems. Hence this does not provide evidence that Osama’s website is safe to access.
Hence I still raise the concern and at least raise my suspicion that Osama Abdallah is a potential internet terrorist who has and possibly still is aiming at engaging in Cyber-Jihad. Even though I am wrong, the suspicion from myself and others is sufficient reason why not to enter his website and to warn other Christians of avoiding accessing it too.

Ehteshaam Gulam said...


I need evidence in order for me to believe this. Trust me Answering Islam makes me sick, but there's nothing wrong on their site. Trust me David Wood makes me sick, yet there is nothing wrong with his site.

Everything is working fine.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Hi again Ethesham,

If you check the websites I posted on this thread, you will get their own report on the attacks.

In fact I am attached to two of these websites, hence I know personally about these attacks and even conversed with the owner of one of the websites when the attack occurred.

In some of the cases the site-owners were able to trace the approximate location of the attacker.

But these are only a few examples.

A response and challenge to those who oppose the Christian faith.