Sunday, 7 February 2010

I Am Open to Toward Criticism

Yahya Snow posted on a previous thread that I had posted a very dissapointing comment on the blog:

I am not sure exactly what he refers to. I assume it's my reaction to Christians being persecuted.

Unfortunately I deleted Yahya's comment (instead of posting it here) since that particular thread concerned a seminar and those joining it only (I should have clarified that). I guess other issues might have interupted any flow of comments from participants after the seminar, and questions they might burn in with until the next session.

But I thought it appropriate that Yahya should be allowed to criticise me on any errors or faults (that is how we learn and I appreciate criticism), and then I will either defend myself or learn from the correction (or both). We could also clear this on the comment section of any other thread, but I thought: why not simply open a thread on it.


Edition to this thread (This information below is what Yahya referred to) I posted this as a response and reaction to a 12 year old Christian girl who had been raped, tortured and killed by Muslims.

So why do we Christians reaction with distress when we read this? Because this is common in Muslim countries. Muslims react with violence over some cartoons and a Qur'an that supposedly ended up in a toilet. But when we Christian react in distress when a little Christian girl is tortured to death, British Muslim get worried that we react. I find this odd and very very disturbing.

Before I respond to Yahya probably on Youtube, I will simply post the comment I made here:

This makes me absolutely mad

There are thousands of similar cases (in Pakistan alone) involving murder, torture and rape---you will all see, the perpetrators will walk free; Islam teaches that the blood of a Muslim is more valuable than that of a Christian

Its demonic

Well, the revenge belongs to the God, if justice is escaped yet again, fire and torture still awaits on the day of judgements

Let's just consider the facts as they are.

The comment was posted here:


Yahya Snow said...

Thanks Hogan

Yes you disappointed me greatlywhen you described Islam as "demonic" on D.Wood's blog.

This is not the way I expect a British Christian to behave,yet alone a Christian who has resided in Bradford, Birmingham and London owing to their respective Muslim populations I would have thought you would have gone beyond such a level of discourse and thought.

Surely you have had Muslim friends...?

In any case I am uploading a response to your disappointing comment

I will let you know when it is uploaded

Yahya Snow said...

My response to your comment is here:

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Thanks bro

I will await for your response

A response and challenge to those who oppose the Christian faith.